Lowrance Elite 5 DSI Review

When it comes to fishfinders and chart plotters the Lowrance Elite 5 DSI DownScan Imaging Chartplotter/Fishfinder with 5-Inch Color LCD and Basemap reviews are nothing but positive giving users a great piece of equipment to use on their fishing expeditions.

This unit offers precision GPS navigation, unique imaging, and large 5-inch color display. This unit will help you find the best fishing spots so that you can make some incredible catches. You’ll also be left amazed at the photo-like viewing that is displayed on the screen complete with all the details.

Lowrance Elite-5 DSI

The feature list is vast on this unit, it’s no wonder the Lowrance Elite-5 reviews are so complementary. Features of this unit include a GPS atenna and detailed basemap, U.S. coasts, and inland waters that is built-in, dual-coverage imaging, down-looking sonar imaging innovation that is exclusive to Lowrance, and incredible depth and power. This unit is able to view at depths of up to 200ft and can even read with your boat traveling up to 40mph. Not too shabby at all! There are multiple map and chart options, the ability to customize the imaging display color, GPS position accuracy, can be used in manual or automatic mode, easy to install, and there is a TrackBack Into sonar history to take advantage of.

It’s important to mention that the unit uses 455 kHz for deeper and wider sonar imaging coverage, with 800 kHz in order to get an even better look at targeted spots. Use the unit to discover if the bottom of the water is soft or hard, take a good look at structures on the bottom. You can view things like laydowns, bridge pilings, drop-offs, ledges, vegetation, and even wrecks.


Consumers have plenty of good things to say about this unit such as the fact that it uses only the latest software updates from Lowrance complete with helpful features and tools. The fishfinder seems to work quite well at giving users a very sharp image of the bottom of the water and the GPS is a great feature for marking your preferred locations. As well because there are so many presets and automatic features it makes it easy for beginners to use this unit and quickly access the information they are looking for. Customers also liked the reasonable price tag, high quality feeling materials, and the fact it was very quick and easy to set up.


A number of consumers have mentioned problems getting the correct depth reading. It’s important to remember that the transducer must be mounted correctly in order to get accurate readings. These sorts of issues have led to some people finding it a little too complex to use.


This is an excellent introduction chartplotter and fishfinder unit that serves up a number of added bonuses and features while still managing to stay user-friendly. If you want to see better and quicker results when you’re fishing, this is a must-have item to take with you on your adventure.

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