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When it comes to a relaxing day of fishing, or perhaps even a fishing expedition where bringing home a catch (or two) of the day is important, leaving your fishing efforts up to chance is never a good idea. In fact, doing so often means that you will come home empty handed with nothing more than a potential sunburn to show for a day’s worth of efforts. My fish finder reviews 2017 can help you have the best fishing you had in years.

Top Fish Finder Reviews

Garmin Echo 500cGarmin Echo 100
Garmin Echo 500cHumminbird 410050-1Garmin Echo 100Garmin Echo 300c

When you use one of the quality fish finders on the market today, this scenario doesn’t have to happen anymore.

Thanks to sonar technology, fish finders now help hobbyists and serious fisherman alike find fish through innovative devices that are easy to use, easy to install, and definitely easy to enjoy.

But, what should you look for in a device? And how are you supposed to know whether or not the fish finder that you choose is the right option for your needs? With fish finder reviews of course! However, searching through the hundreds of reviews out there would take you days, if not weeks. Surely, there has to be an easier way to make a decision!

Thanks to Fish Finder Pro, now you can! My son Buck and I have been fishing for years together and thanks to my fish finder, we always come home with something to eat. As you can imagine, I’ve been through my fair share of fish finders as a result, and now, I’m passing on my knowledge to you.

Take your time to explore everything that this site has to offer to find the best fish finder for your needs!

How To Find The Best Fish Finder

When you’re ready to purchase, there are many different features that you should keep your eye on in order to make the right decision. Although there are countless different comparisons that you can make, some of the most important will help to guide your decision and the rest will fall in line.

Display Screen

The display screen is one of the most important aspects of your device as it allows you to monitor the reading that the sonar is picking up. Today, most of the premium quality options are made with color screens to make it easier to detect activity.

However, there are still many fish finders that use black and white screens while still ranking highly among users because of their accuracy and simple functionality.

So, while the color screen is more expensive and potentially more useful, it is ultimately your personal decision regarding which one best suits your needs.


It might come as a surprise to some people that not all fish finders are portable. Of course, if you own your own boat, portability might not be a feature that you’re too concerned with but if you rent, portability is key.

Most fish finders come with a way to mount both the device and transducer securely to the boat, meaning that installation is a breeze regardless of which device you choose.

However, it’s important to know whether or not the fish finder that you choose is designed to be portable because this can make a huge difference if you’re a hobbyist that simply rents a small boat every once in awhile.


The beam on a fish finder can be single, dual, or triple, among others. As you might suspect, the most affordable options are those with single beams whereas higher quality choices are going to be the fish finders that instead use dual beam or even triple beam technology.

Of course, this is not to say that you can’t get great results with a single beam device. In fact, you can. I personally always use at least a dual-beam device to ensure that I’m getting the best, most accurate results possible. As a result, I would strongly recommend that more serious fishers do the same.


The frequency of your device will affect how well your device performs at different depths. Specifically, higher frequency devices are particularly useful in shallow water which many hobbyists will find themselves in while fishing either by themselves, with friends, or maybe even their children like I do!

Most fish finders today will come equipped with a frequency anywhere from 50 to 200 KHz, making the 200KHz devices the best choice for you if you’re going to do the  majority of your fishing in shallow water.

Lighting and Screen

Considering lighting and your screen is important whether you’re planning on fishing at night or in broad daylight.

Several brands, such as Garmin most notably, create their devices so that reading in the sunlight is simple and possible without great strain. As a result, people who are seeking a device that is easy to use will choose these devices that are known to perform in these conditions.

In contrast, there are also some people who enjoy fishing at night, making a backlit device an important consideration. There are some devices that effectively combine superior quality with these lighting features, making it easy to determine which option is right for you.


Also known as “peak to peak”, the general power output of your fish finder is another important factor to consider. The lower the wattage, the slower the fish finder will work. This means that you might miss out on fish within your area due to lag time in your device as a result of power deficiencies.

400-watts is an adequate power level for those looking for lower-end devices that will still get the job done. However, it is always best to choose devices that use at least 2000-watts to deliver the high-quality results that you’re looking for when you go out fishing.

The Best Fish finder Available in 2017


The Garmin Echo 500c Fishfinder

Garmin Echo 500c

With a 5-inch LCD screen, 256-color display, and 1,900-foot depth performance, the Garmin Echo 500c is the fish finder of choice for beginners and avid fishers alike. Run by 500-watts of power, the Smooth Scaling technology means that you never miss anything as the device works to find you the fish that you’re looking for. You can even rewind your history of the device to see if you missed anything, which is a feature that you don’t get with all the rest.

And, thanks to the exceptionally sensitive Garmin HD-ID target tracking technology, you can rest assured that the accuracy of the device is only matched by its quality.

See the Full Garmin Echo 500c Review Here to Decide Whether or Not This is the Right Option for Your Needs!

Affordable Fish Finders

The Garmin Echo 100, Echo 150, and Echo 200

Garmin Echo 100

If the Garmin Echo 500c fish finder is slightly out of your budget, have no fear. Personally, I’ve tried all three of the Garmin Echo devices on the lower end of the price spectrum including the Echo 100, Echo 150, and Echo 200. For the price, the value simply can’t be beat.

While each differs slightly in the screen size as well as the depths that it can reach, each comes in at an extremely affordable cost while also delivering quality that rivals the top-of-the-line options.

If you believe that the Garmin Echo 100, Echo 150, or Echo 200 might be the right fit for your needs, you can read my full review here!

A Fish finder is the Perfect Companion for All Your Fishing Trips

While I like to think that my son Buck is my perfect fishing companion, I know that most days we would both be lost if it wasn’t for our fish finder review. That’s why I recommend that every fisher out there, whether you do it just as a hobby or possibly for more than that, has a fish finder on board the boat to guide the way.

On this site, I’ve taken many of the fish finders that I’ve purchased over the years, including one ice fish finder, and created reviews from my own personal opinion and experience as well as the experiences of countless users on Amazon and beyond. By doing so, everything that you need to know about buying the right fish finder for your needs can be found right here.

Take your time to explore all of the options that my site has to offer and I can assure you that in no time, you too will be on your boat, passing away the day with your fish finder and countless catches. Gone are the days where you sit for hours with not one bite on the line! Instead, you’ll be finding so many fishes you won’t know what to do with them all!

I hope that you enjoy everything that my site has to offer! Fishing is a great passion of mine and with the quality fish finder of your choosing, I’m sure that you will soon be just as passionate as I am about the sport!